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Sunrise Special Continental - $5.50
Fresh baked muffins, bagels, Danish (one large piece per person), fruit platter with yogurt dip, and orange juice.

Add coffee -
(Additional $10.00 equipment pick up fee will apply to an order of less than $90.00)

The Country Kettle - $6.00
Your choice of either French toast or pancakes with maple syrup and one of the following warm fruit toppings: blueberry buckle or cherry compote accompanied by fluffy scrambled eggs with crumbled bacon and topped with melted cheese.

The Power Breakfast - $6.75
Three eggs per person scrambled with diced ham or bacon and topped with cheese. Accompanied with tropical fruit salad, golden ranch potatoes, and assorted doughnuts.

Quiche Lorraine - $6.00
Traditional bacon and Swiss cheese custard with scallions in a delicate crust. Served with golden ranch potatoes and fruit salad.

The Country Fair - $6.00
Eggs scrambled with peppers and onions, served with biscuits, gravy, and golden ranch potatoes.




Breakfast Burrito - $3.75
Eggs, ham, cheese and salsa.

Jumbo Hot Stuffed Croissants - $3.75
Filled with egg, ham, peppers, onions and topped with cheese.

French Toast or Pancakes - $3.50
Three Pieces served with maple syrup and butter.

Golden Ranch Potatoes - $1.25
With sauteed onions and peppers.

Three Fluffy Scrambled Eggs - $2.75
Topped with cheese.

Bacon Strips or Sasauge Links - $.75/ea



Assorted Doughnuts (each) - $1.25

Buttery Croissants with jelly - $1.90

Empanadas (fruit filled turnovers) - $1.00

Tropical Fruit Platter - $2.00
Splashes of color with peeled and sliced seasonal fruit served with honey-spiced yogurt dip.

Gourmet Strawberry or Vegetable Cream Cheese - $1.00

Jumbo Bagels - $1.90
Sourdough, cheddar cheese, cracked wheat, cinnamon, raisin, blueberry, egg, poppy seed, plain, and onion. (Bagels are served with cream cheese and butter)

Jumbo Muffins - $1.90
Apple spice, almond lemon, banana nut, and blueberry.

Jumbo Fruit Filled Danish - $1.90 




Chilled Fruit Juices - $1.50
Orange, apple, or cranberry.

Fresh Brewed Coffee - $1.00
International flavored creamers - $.50

Bottled Water - $1.50

Refreshing Citrus Punch - $1.25
Orange, lemon, and pineapple juice.

Iced Tea or Lemonade - $.80

Iced Canned Sodas - $1.00

Splash Cooler - $1.20
Cranberry lemonade flavor.

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